Development and Manufacturing for Molding Press Stamping Products or Desinging and Production of Die and Mold for Metal Press Stamping.


We are challenging to be the trusted company from clients and also social community in the world by excellent manufacturing technology for metal press stamping or deep emboss press products at SAKAKI, NAGANO, JAPAN with clear stream of Chikuma river or beautiful Mountain View of North Japan Alps.

SPECIAL FEATURES Technology and Products by SAKURAI MFG


  • 2010/March
    Applied selected propagation company as SME manufacture with ecological & profitable manufacturing system by Nagano Prefecture
    (MFCA Material Flow Cost Accounting)
  • 2009/October 19
    Applied selected company as SME manufacture for ecological manufacturing system
    (Supporting activity for test production and development)
  • 2009/February/4
    Approved "Innovative Management Plan"